The Kid

I watched this movie with my Mom and my Dad. This is amazing film for me actually, yeah because they could spend their leisure time to accompany me to see the Movie. Every people has dream isnt it ?? when they was in childhood they have many dreams, some of you would say : “ I wanted to be a doctor.. “ or “ hmm.. I want to be a pilot..” or ‘ I want to be a president..” but most of them has forgot their dreams when they became adult. This film is similar like that. It was talking about Russ Duritz, he was 40 years old. he is a great consultant and success consultant too.

Many people were looking for him not only politics figure but also famous artist. he always bussy actually. until one day Russ met a little boy who have similar character with him. And Russ was so surprissing when he knew the name of the little boy, his name is Russ Duritz too and he was 8 years old. They have similar name. they spend all time together. And little Russ told that he has disappointed because Russ is not having “ right job “ like he wanted when he was in childhood. And little Russ said how disaponted he is, because Russ did not have a plane, because when he was child, he want to be a pilot. Yupz.. in another word we could say that little Russ is reflection of Russ in past and Russ at this time is a reflection of little Russ actually.

Finally Russ realized that it is not a fouls if he would make all, became come true. And he decided to buy a red plane, yeah at least he have a plane eventthough he could not be a pilot. They tried to understad each other. Hmm.. hey what would you do if you met yourself in the past time and yourself in the future time actually.. Wow.. it must be amazing.. isnt it ?? hmm.. maybe I could make all better actually because I can see my mistakes at the early and I can change it better. Hmm.. I think it is funny too, we could see how many children that we would have at the future or who is our soulmate exactly.. and hmm.. we could see our face when we bacame old actually hahahaha… in this film, Russ Duritz was being played by a famous actor, Bruce Willis. Hmm.. maybe it would be the interested things if we have time machine which could bring us in the furure or pass time ^_^ hey what would you do if you like Russ Duritz.

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