What did you know about metamorphosis ? what about The metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly..
Metamorphosis is a process in which something changes completely into something different. But did you know that metamorphosis are distinguish into perfect metamorphosis and unperfect metamorphosis actually.

a. UnPefect Metamorphosis
The animals which passed this metamorphosis called with Hemimetabola Insect ( serangga hemimetabola ). These insects did not do the metamorphosis perfectly. The metamorphosis started with egg and change into Nimfa. Nimfa : it looks like a miniature version of these insects.
The animals which passed the unperfect metamorphosis is grasshopper ( belalang ).

b. Pefect Metamorphosis
The animals which passed this metamorphosis called with Homometabola Insect ( serangga homometabola ). They are frog, bee and butterfly. This is perfect metamorphosis. For Bee and Butterfly, would pass these process : It started with Egg and change into Larva. And larva changed into Pupa, and Pupa changed into Insect. The activity of Larva are eat and grow actually. when it got maximal size of their body, the Larva would stop to eat and entered the Pupa Process. In Pupa process, the nerve system was developing. And what about Frog ? here the process : it started with Egg and changed into very little frog ( in bahasa indonesia we called it “ berudu” actually ). And it changed into berudu without tail, and then the legs grew and it changed into frog.

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