In big city many peoples strived for their life. Work hard to reach their success and to earn much money. They always busy with their routine activity. they only knew one thing, it is about “how to reach the goal”. Most of them did not care of their healthy. they did not know how did it with balance. Advancement in technology demand us to work more fast. time is money, very precious. yeah, sometimes we dont have time to prepare something, for example for preparing our breakfast or lunch actually. yeah, they always think the easy way… most of them ate ”fast foods”. Hey, have you ever thought that your body have right to take a rest or to be taken care by yourself ?? and most of you consumed much cups of coffee to keep your mind fresh, isn’t it ?? well, you have chosen bad way guys. consuming much cups of coffee are not good for our health. And some of you never thought about the bad effect of coffee and fast foods actually. Have you ever thought about this one :
1. if you got sick or fever or another illness. could you do your assignment or your job better ???
2. if you were sick, could you reach the goal of your plan actually ???
3. have you ever thought about the hospital fee and the medicine which should be bought by you ??
Of course we did not do our job or our assigment better if we were in bad condition, one thing that we could do, just take a rest on bed, right !! what about the goal of our plan ?? hey, asked yourself guys.. Of course we need money to buy some medicine and it is so expensive actually for the hospital fee.
So…it is better if we kept our healthy. And learn to use the time wisely.Eat good foods such vegetables, fruits, milk. Stop to consume fast foods and coffee. And took workout at least 20 minutes every Sunday morning to keep your body and your mind always fresh. Or maybe health is more precious than anything in this world. we could buy it at store, isnt it ? and we could do anything like we wanted to do… try to give big attention to your body, especially about your healthy. Your career and your healthy are precious. And remember, no cigarret !!! you must love your lungs, because it helped you to breathe… loved yourself , if you kept yourself better it means you loved all people who beloved you…because you has appreciated them by taking care of your health. if you loved someone you must keep your healthy, because how you could keep them if you were sick, isn’t it ??
Remember guys did it balance guys ok.

Vitamin B..

Yupz .. many people know about vitamin, right. Vitamin is a natural substance found in food that is essensial part of what humans and animals eat to help them grow and stay healthy. there were many kind of vitamin actually. But did you know guys the many kind of Vitamin B ?? here they are :

Vitamin B1 ( C12H22ON4S)
We could called vitamin B1 with Tiamin. Our body needed it 2 mg/day. The funcion of vitamin B1 are to help metabolism of carbohydrate, absorption of water and grease. Vitamin B1 could be found by us in beans, meat, yeast, etc.

Vitamin B2 ( C2H22O6 )
We could called Vitamin B2 with Riboflavin or Laktoflavin. Our body needed it 1,6 mg/day. The function of vitamin B2 are to keep the nerve of our eyes and to get on fast the “ oksidasi process “ of the food substances. We could find vitamin B2 in egg, milk, cheese, wheat, rice and vegetables, yeast.

Vitamin B3 ( C6H5NO2 )
Normally, our body need it 100 mg/day. The function of vitamin B3 are to increase the metabolism cells, to recycle the carbohydrate. We can find vitamin B3 in tomato, spinach, milk, cabbage, yeast.

Vitamin B6 ( C8H12O3 )
We can call it with piridoksin or adermin. This function are to manage our growth, and to control our nerve and also to form the blood cells. We could find it in seeds, egg, fish, meat, and vegetables.

Vitamin B11 ( C19H29O6N7 )
The functionof vitamin B11 is to form the blood cells.

Vitamin B12 ( C63H90N14 )
We can call it with kobalamin. This is very important vitamin because it is very effective to prevent anemia. We can find it in milk and fish.

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