Just be your self

Don’t you ever wish, you were someone else ?? yupz most of us did not feel confident with their self actually. many people want to be another people because most of them thought that “ I AM NOT GOOD !!! “. they never appreciated all they have. They always put other figures as their reflection, they always thought that they were so bad, they always thought that they have many weaknesses and always felt that “ I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH !!”. and always think that other peoples are GOOD and they must follow it actually. most of them did not have their own personality and even their own characters because they has changed it.

Nowadays how many people has taken plastic surgery to get pretty appearance ?? hey have you ever thought that God has given the Bless for every human, that’s why every people have strength and weaknesses too.
The strength which is given to you by God, it has a purpose guys !! Yupz .. to help each other by using your strength. And the weaknesses which is given by God to you, it has a purpose too. Yupz.. to keep you stay away from arrogant.

Yupz .. the strength and the weaknesses are to complete each other exactly.. we must be thankfull with all which we had, how ever it is our bless which is given by God. Hey.. you must not hear that other people said to you, exactly about yourself. If what they said is good advise for our life you may listen it guys, but if what they said is just wantto make you changed your personality or your characters, you should think it twice guys or maybe thousand times because no bodies are perfect.. maybe she or he is GREAT FIGURE for us but you must remember that DOES He or She is GREAT TOO according our God ?? remember guys in this world, everythings which are great according our God, it must be GREAT too for us. The important thing is A Good Behaviour not about rich, luxurious things, high position, etc. because all became nothing if you did not have Good Behaviour actually. and do you know guys ?? no one similar with you along the century.. no one similar in this world eventhough the twins, they must have some differences, isnt it ??? so you must proud with yourself actually. no one similar with you, so don’t worry about the weaknesses and the strength which you had. “PEOPLE LIKE YOU ONLY ONE ALONG THE CENTURY AND YOU COULD NOT FIND PEOPLE SIMILAR WITH YOU ALONG THE CENTURY !!!!” THINK ABOUT IT GUYS..

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